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Alan Rohan


Keepin' It Hot new album and lots of blues around

Alan – Hello Mr. Kahr. How do you live with the blues?

Jim - Born & bred in Chicago, the Blues was all around the city. Clubs & bars everywhere. I lived and was accepted the Blues scene, as a young white soulful performer eager to hit the stage.

Alan - Just be quick, otherwise readers can find everything on your site. How did you get to the blues? And what influenced you the most to become a bluesman?

Jim - Growing up in Chicago pulled me into the Blues style. It reached my heart & soul. Local radio stations played it daily. The Blues found my soul and I always wanted more. It's a style I knew how to play at a young age already. Around Chicago, I was referred to as "blue eyed soul brother" early in my career around the Blues scene. I was warmly welcomed

Alan - In almost 50 years, you've played a lot of concerts, a lot of shows, who have you played with? Who hired you to play together?

Jim - Over my career span, I played and or recorded with several Blues legends. John Lee Hooker, Bobby Blue Bland, Junior Wells, Carey Bell ,Koko Taylor, Jimmy ROGERS, Charlie Musslewhite...etc etc. I was hired by all the above artists.

Alan – Who did your early career start with?

Jim - One of the first Blues artists I played with was Junior Wells regularly. He hired me as his band leader. We clicked well around the city.

Alan – Who do you remember the most from your musical partners and why?

Jim - All the above artists influenced my style with their vocals mainly or Blues Harp playing Their ability and talent to work an audience into a frenzy impressed me.

Alan – When and with whom did you start your solo career?

Jim - My first pro band was called SLAMHAMMER. We backed many famous Blues artists (as a club house band). I also freelanced while living out west in California with several artists, on call for gigs .

Alan – During your playing, you also got to Europe, and you lived in Germany for many years. What did Germany give you?

Jim - I got my own first record deal in Germany after touring over there with John Lee Hooker in Europe. Several labels followed along with touring.

Alan – You went out from Germany to play in Europe, all over the world, before coming back to the US. Who did you play with in Germany? Who surrounded you as musicians?

Jim - In Germany I toured and recorded with my band.

Alan – You have several albums under your belt. How many are there? And with which album did you have the greatest success?

Jim - I released 13 albums on various German based  labels. I had much success with "Incredibly Live" in Berlin. This album was awarded the prestigious Prize of Best Blues album of year, selected by a jury.

Alan – The last album is called Keepin' it Hot. You shot it in the US. Which companies did it work for? And on what carriers?

Jim - My latest album on ZYX PEPPERCAKE label " KEEPIN IT HOT" was recorded in Memphis with famous producer JIM GAINES.  He produced platinum artists like Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughan Huey Lewis, etc.

Alan - Contains 11 tracks + bonuses. There are more bonuses on the CD. Can you tell us a little more about him?

Jim - Both Bonus cover "hit" tracks on my album were recorded live. " it's a Man's World & Ain't no sunshine" I project my Blues style vocals and guitar into each rendition in my way. They were recorded live in Belgium & Berlin.

Alan – With the album Keepin' it Hot you are returning to Europe, to Germany. What can we expect?

Jim - This album under my belt will bring me back touring throughout Europe. Fans can expect a memorable experience.

Alan – If you have a capable manager(s), for spring-summer festivals, where will we be able to see you in Europe?

Jim - Can check show dates on my website. My agency is KS concerts based in Berlin.

Alan – I will ask two questions because both Czechs and Slovaks read the zine. Will you also play here in 2024? If yes, where?

Jim - It's in the planning stage. My agency is currently working on dates and Festivals for 2024 in your region.

Alan – Do you know any Czech or Slovak musicians? Peter Lipa, Luboš Andrst? Or others? John Hammer?

Jim - I've heard of those renown artist names you mentioned.

Alan - We could talk about that for a long time because your work appeals to me a lot. But people are not willing to read a long article. So thank you for the interview, and let's hope this interview is not the last we do together.

Jim - I thank you for this interview feature and hope we meetup soon. Most of all I appreciate reaching out to build a new  fan base in your country and region. Exciting stuff. Bluesin & more! Thanks Alan. Yours truly, Keep on keepin on.
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