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Alan Rohan


After almost 11 years, the Portuguese symphonic death metal pack from Portugal returns not only to the scene but immediately to the limelight. Where they left off, they continued straight away without having to go through everything from the ground up again. Their sound, performance, and commitment are different from similar bands, which makes them easily recognizable groups. Here we have a few lines not only about the return but also free talk about their travels in Europe.

Alan – Hi, who will be in charge of the group?

Godiva – Don’t quite know what you mean. But we are a group of friends, that share the dream, and there is no boss. Godiva is a shared dream, and it’s completely communal.

Alan – You, as a group Godiva, were founded in 1999, played a lot of concerts, were also defended not only in Portugal as a very interesting group, and after some time you broke up? Why? Isn't it a secret? If not, tell me why that was.

Godiva – We did, it’s nothing extraordinary, when a band is formed very early on, by a group of friends, life happens, and we drifted apart, so the band ended with the lineup that was in place. That’s completely normal. Later on a few of us, wanted to revive the dream, and we came back stronger with a new lineup, that shares a mission and the dream.

Alan – Who Godiva did you choose for the band name? Lady Godiva or a brand of chocolate?

Godiva – It was in early stages, further back from any of us. But it has it’s own identity. It began with the legend of Lady Godiva, and what it stood for. But it became much more that that, so we kept it. And it’s still our identity.

Alan – After almost 11 years you have re-formed. Who is left from the old band? And who makes up the new line-up of the group?

Godiva – To reply we have to go why we came back. It all began with a challenge from one of our dear friends André Matos, that issued a challenge to get the band together and play in Laurus, a great festival hosted at the origin city of the band. We tried to get the gang back together, but it was not to be. In spite of that a few of us wanted to do it. So we found great people ( friends ) to do it. While the backstage work was being done for the concert, that originally was to be a one shot thing. We wanted more, and wanted for the band to not only be reborn, but continue. From the Spiral band lineup, we did it with Pedro (Vocals), Ricardo (Guitar) and Arcélio (Bass), And we brought into the fold André Matos for the guitars and orchestrations and Sinatra for the drums. Since then we had a few challenges, so our current lineup is Pedro (Vocals), Ricardo (Lead Guitar), André Matos (Guitar and orchestrations) and Gaspar “The animal” in the drums, and we are extremely happy the the current lineup. It’s perfect, the rest is history.

Alan – You released your last album called Hubris a year ago (in February) 2023, do you have anything lined up for 2024? After all, you will be doing a lot of concerts in Europe starting in the spring.

Godiva - Yes, we're always working on new material and the energy from our tours fuels our creativity. For 2024, we're already in the process of putting together new songs that we hope to release. While touring is our immediate focus, we're simultaneously writing and recording when we can. So, stay tuned for new developments!

Alan – Speaking of gaming. What countries and where do you plan to play?

Godiva - We're hitting a number of countries including the Czech Republic, France, Switzerland, Romania, the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, and many more. We're excited to bring our sound to new and familiar places and connect with fans across the continent.

Alan – It will not only be individual concerts, but also festivals. I can't forget the festival in the Balkans either. A little more not only about this festival?

Godiva - Festivals are the highlight for us, especially in the Balkans, where the metal scene is vibrant and the fans are incredibly passionate. We're looking forward to being part of that energy and delivering powerful performances that resonate with the festival-goers.

Alan – Out of the question, out of the question. When you travel through Europe this year, won't you have some (some) stops while playing in the Czech Republic or Slovakia, for example?

Godiva - Absolutely, the Czech Republic and Slovakia are on our list. We already played in Ostrava and we hope to have a few dates lined up in these countries. It's always a pleasure to play there due to the rich musical culture and the enthusiastic response from the crowds.

Alan – Do you know the Czech Republic or Slovakia? And did you have the opportunity to hear or even see any bands from the Czech Republic or Slovakia?

Godiva - We've been familiar with the scene in these countries for a while. The Czech Republic and Slovakia have some amazing bands, and we've had the pleasure of sharing the stage with a few. The talent there is exceptional, and we always look forward to discovering more local acts.

Alan – The year 2024 and festivals. (yes, you are looking forward to all of them a lot) No, which ones are you looking forward to the most and why?

Godiva - Each festival has its own charm, but we're particularly excited about some of the larger ones like Laurus. It's the atmosphere, the diversity of the line-up, and the chance to reach new fans that really get us pumped.

Alan - Please, you are Portuguese - in Portugal, for you as a Godiva band, is there a top or best place to play? And which festival where you play is the best for you?

Godiva - Portugal is home, so playing here is always special. We love the vibe at Laurus or Vagos Metal Fest and the intimate setting of Hard Club in Porto. But honestly, every stage in Portugal feels like the best place to play because it's home turf.

Alan – Your return to the music scene about a year ago. Who did you play with? And who was the best band you played with? And it doesn't have to be a band with a big name, just a regional band that you like to remember because they got you excited about something.

Godiva - Since our return, we've shared the stage with many incredible bands. One that stands out is Septic Flesh we played with in Ostrava v Plamenech. They brought such raw energy and passion to the stage; it was inspiring and reminded us why we love doing this.

Alan – I ask everyone this question, for relaxation. Any hilarious incidents for a laugh that happened to you as a group while playing at a concert, festival, or on the road?

Godiva - Oh, there are many! One time, the backtrack machine refused to work, and we had to do a “raw” show. It turned out to be a great gig, that everyone loved. Always expect the unexpected with Godiva!

Alan – Thanks for the interview, and maybe I'll see you in the Czech Republic or Slovakia.

Godiva - Thanks for having us, Alan. We hope to see you there. It's going to be an epic show, and we can't wait to meet our fans in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Cheers!
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