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Dominika Šimová


Marple & Postel
From the expanses of the dark wasteland after the world went down in the blazing light, the Lords of Salem came to the scene. After the reestablishment of the city of Salem, they have, on their flag, written to hunt down all heretics and to bring them to their righteous punishment. Witches, mutants, and other scum of the wastelands who do not want to join and serve the lords are mercilessly extinguished, their names erased for all eternity. But this hunt is relentless and harsh, since, along with the persecution of apostates and Outlaws, they are always looking for vital resources such as water and gasoline to satisfy the thirst of their PS-strong vehicles and their own thirst. With fire and rock & roll on their savage hunt through the deserts ... four of the LORDS OF SALEM. I had to use these lines and start this interview this way. Let me introduce this band from Germany today! Welcome to the world of dead pop sex action/rock/metal band LORDS OF SALEM. My guests are Marple (bass) and Postel (vocals). Here we go.


So nice to talk to you, I´m really looking forward to this one! How are you?

Fine, thanks.

I have got a lot of questions. Do you have enough time?


A few days ago, you had to cancel some shows. What happened? I hope you all guys are ok.

Yes we are now all OK.

Introduce the band a bit for those in Slovakia who don´t know you that much.

OK, there is Marple - bass guitars, Holly - guitars, Ole - drums and Postel doing the vocals.

Thanks. Sure but I mean reveal a bit of your story.

We started in 2017, the idea was to do music that fits for rock and metal guys and as well for the gothic people. We describe our music as dark rock with industrial influences.

What about your music inspiration?

Old and new inspirations, like Kiss, Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, Mötley Crew, Iggy Pop and the Stooges and Wednesday 13.

And themes and lyrics-wise? Vampires, monsters…? Are you also a fan of horror movies?

Yes we definitely are. We like old B-movies stuff, Hammer Horror, Zombies and a lot of other stuff. Basically, if you look at our outfits we are Wasteland based as well.

Cool! You have just released a new song -  I'm So Goth - Hommage Nosferatu. It reminds me of the film from 1922 Nosferatu.. Was it your goal?

Absolutely, it was.

Did you know this old horror film was filmed in Slovakia, Orava Castle, at least the castle scenes.

Yes, we do as horror geeks, haha.

Have you ever performed or visited Slovakia?

Yes, we had 2 shows together with Eufory from Slovakia in 2019.

Do you like our country? Did you have a chance to see it a bit?

Yes, we had a great time there, we were able to do some sight seeing.

And as a horror geek, do you own a huge collection of horror characters and DVDs and stuff like that?

We got some collectibles like DVDs and action figures.

I like the way you built up your stage and also your kind of costumes. Some of you even wear masks? It must be difficult to perform wearing it?

The masks are only for one song.

When will you release the new album? There are 3 singles so far.

It 's scheduled for spring 2024.

Can you reveal more details about it?

All the singles that were released via Spotify and so forth will be the part of the album and what is not released by now will have the same style and attitude of course.

And the title of the album?

Maybe Freaks but that's the working title by now, maybe we 'll change that, we' re not quite sure.

2023 has just ended. Summarise it, please. Was it a successful year for you?

What we can say is, it was busy. But the complete writing and arrangements of the songs are done, so the answer is, yesss.

You have also posted the info about your Spotify members, let's call it this way. I am not the biggest fan of this streaming platform, the conditions for you, especially smaller bands are not fair. I have also noticed some criticism over it. What´s your opinion? Why do all the bands share and stream their albums basically for free? You can find it all officially streamed on YouTube without having to pay a single cent.

What is right or wrong? The fact is that times have changed and as a band you have to decide what way you will go. The other thing is that you can stream the songs on every platform for free. It 's difficult these days.

Makes sense, everything's changed but you work hard to record new music, you know.

That 's true, many people have no idea what it takes to make a band work. Even as a small or not known band. The time, the money for recording, making videos, creating Merch and organizing shows, consumes a lot of time and money…

Exactly. How did you celebrate Christmas?

We celebrated it with family and friends, the usual things...calm down and generate new strength for the upcoming year, haha.

What about the new year's resolutions? Do you have any?

Throw out the new album and hopefully play as many shows and festivals as possible.

Thanks for your time guys, I am really looking forward to listening to your newest record.

Thanks for having us and best wishes to all the people. Happy new year.
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