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Alan Rohan


Brunhilde comes like a storm from which you want to hide, but simultaneously observe it and get fascinated. He is a rising star with his mesmerizing punk & metal sound made in Germany.

Alan – Hello to Nürnberg. Get a little closer to our readers.

Kurt – Hey,  I´m Kurt, Guitar Player and Song writer of BRUNHILDE!

Alan – You've deviated slightly from your original work since your early days. More specifically, the last two albums. Is this the direction you will be going next?

Kurt - Yes. I think the first two albums were more “attempts” to find our own style. The real break was when our producer Chalie Bauerfeind (Helloween, Hammerfall, Blind Guatdian,...) took over BRUNHILDE's production from the 3rd album (To cut a long story short). Only from the 3rd album can one say that BRUNHILDE's own style was established. This continued with our 4th album "27", which was a pure concept album and therefore leaned more towards "metal". It was a very exciting way. So many stories, so many research so many emotions. And now, we are in production for our new 5th album.

Alan – Last album 27, very well done. You have not performed in the Czech Republic yet. Do you have plans to come to the Czech Republic for a few concerts in 2024? Maybe even to Slovakia?

Kurt - Ohhh yes we love playing in Taschenchien. the audience there is great! We already had a few shows in the Czech Republic, unfortunately a few years back!! I don't know the exact reason why there haven't been any shows in the Czech Republic in the last 2 years. I think there will be some organizational reasons. or the bookers didn't agree on who could book where, ha, ha, ha..... I really hope that we can play in the Czech Republic again soon!!!

Alan – You haven't (probably) played in Slovakia yet. In the Czech Republic, you were at the Lokta festival. Have you been elsewhere in the Czech Republic? And what are your memories of the festival in Loket?

Kurt - Loket and Radek I can remember, but there are some more venues,… I cannot remember the names , sorry for that!

Alan – While we are in the Czech Republic, where did you play? Do you know any Czech (or Slovak) bands? And what did they give you for food?

Kurt - As I said, I can't remember exactly the specific places, but the audience and everything around it was great, of course the Czech food and especially the beer!!

Alan - Over the last three years you have received quite a lot of positive reviews in quite well-known and large magazines. Tell us more about it.

Kurt - As is usual, we have media days for every album release. i.e. our promoter makes appointments all over Germany where we meet various magazines and radio stations to do interviews and give information about the new production. That's always very exciting because you get direct feedback from the media. There are also some really good magazines there. Maybe Rolling Stone Magazine will come to us again! :-)

Alan – How did you get together? First as a couple. Then a full-performing group?

Kurt - Yes, in fact, I played in an acoustic duo with Caro over 10 years ago. So it was easy with the western guitar, where Caro thrilled the audience with her amazing voice! This then increased as we built up our band little by little and finally played at Wacken last year. I think it's a really cool development but also proof that nothing happens overnight and everything takes a lot of time and passion. We work with and on our band Brunhilde every day. There's no other way to be involved in this business and be somewhat successful.

Alan – Caro. When you play at concerts or festivals, have you ever received a marriage proposal?

Kurt - ... I can speak for Caro here. who is unfortunately unable to be present at this interview today: There are people at every show who would like to come into contact with Caro!! Caro is always at the merch stand right after the show to sign autographs and have conversations with the fans. In Wacken, for example, Caro was down in the mud with the fans after the show and was celebrated! :-)

Alan – Speaking of jokes. Do you have any funny moments from playing? Can you tell us some that can get published?

Kurt - ... I think the funniest moments are always when you're on tour for a long time and the mood on stage sometimes really escalates because the audience is in such a good mood that you just spontaneously change songs and really cool new things come about ...

Alan – You released your last album 27 on May 27, 2022. What new stuff are you up to? Another one?

Kurt - yeah, now it's getting exciting!! As I said, we are very hardworking and are constantly working on new songs. We are releasing our next new album in autumn 2024 for our Germany tour, which we are particularly proud of. Our producer Charlie Bauerfeind is on board again and we have once again created a mix of punk/metal. The first single “Hit and Run” was released on February 16th. Check it out and give me your opinion!!

Alan – Regarding Germany. Do you think you've grown? Are more people coming to your shows? Do you play more often? A bigger hall?

Kurt - Ohh I really hope so!!! We are now playing around 20 shows in autumn/winter together with J.B.O. throughout Germany. There are also some pretty big venues there. Take a look at our website BRUNHILDE.DE

Alan – You have been the main band several times at big concerts or festivals. Your feelings about it? I wish you a lot because I like your songs, which are mainly dirty punk.

Kurt - it's always very exciting how our songs are received at some festivals, since we don't play pure metal but move in a zone between punk and metal. Nevertheless, our audience is enthusiastic across the board because the show is always very varied. Above all because of the energy that takes place on stage and is conveyed very well by all the musicians. Energy is important. This is immediately passed on to the audience and carries the entire mood and experience of the audience.

Alan – Thanks for the interview, and I assume that this year (2024) we will meet at a festival somewhere in the Czech Republic, maybe even with Klaus.

Kurt - Thank you very much Alan! We really hope that Klaus can arrange a few shows in the Czech Republic and we would be very happy to welcome you backstage. Stay tuned!
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