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Andrea Dižová • Niklas Niessner (photo)


Thrash metallers DUST BOLT have just released their 5th studio album. Lenny Bruce was so kind to answer all our questions. Let´s go!


Recently we've heard some new singles from your upcoming album. What can we expect from the rest of the album? Will it keep the sound of the latest singles?

Go find out! I don't think I am the right person to answer that particular question as everybody perceives music in different ways. All I can say is, that this is a very unique and special album in the DUST BOLT discography and each and every song feels like a seperate piece of work and art to me and I hope listeners perceive it that way, too. Sound & Fury is a very diverse and exciting metal album

Do you think that with your new sound you can attract new fans while keeping the old loyal ones?

I think people that really dig DUST BOLT´s music, its energy and emotion will also like the new   stuff. Because it's still DUST BOLT 100 %. The heaviness just comes through other elements  than before. What used to be fast drums and fast guitar riffs, might be a real heavy lyric or super aggressive drumbeat now, you know. Some elements, highlights and ideas might have changed on that record but it's still super heavy as hell. If we can attract new people and let them explore the world of DUST BOLT and our previous albums, that's something really beautiful to think of. But honestly, while writing and producing, I never think of if somebody likes this or not. I just try to listen to my heart as deeply as possible.

What do you think about some negative reactions to your new songs?

We are a Rock´n´roll band. We do whatever we want. That's what Rock n Roll is about, right? It's not our job to please everyone.

What are you hoping to achieve as a band? What are your goals?

To have our music being as inspirational to other people, as the music of my favourite bands was to me.

Let's go back to your band's beginning. Which bands were the influence that brought you to rock and metal music?

We are early and mid nineties born kids! So everything that was around in the early 2000s got our attention of course. From Punk to Grunge to Garage Rock to metal. The day I heard Slipknot and SOAD for the first time it was over! It was Flo actually who showed me the old school metal stuff afterwards.

Is there something new, fresh, innovative in the rock/metal scene that got your attention?

Not too much to be honest.. I like a punk band from Germany called Dead End Kids. And a. Garage rock band calles Bikini Beach Fuzz. Oh and I saw a cool crossover band called Grove Street just recently! They were supporting Dog Eat Dog.

Do you draw inspiration from any artists outside the rock/metal genre?

Of course. I´m a musician. I always got my ears wide open. I don´t care about genres, I just care about music and honesty.

Do you still attend concerts as fans or do you only enjoy them from the band perspective? If yes, what concerts have you planned for the rest of 2023 (or beginning of 2024)?

Yes we always go to shows of course! Honestly, most of the time it's kinda spontaneous! Most of the time when friends or buddies play, or a cool band comes to town. Backstage Munich, that's our spot for shows since we´re kids!

Could you tell us some funny or absurd stories from your tours? I'm sure you have plenty.

I do have. But they never come out when they need to. I just recently thought of that one show in Austria at a Festival. It was the only time every single band member had to throw up. In the morning we found some cake at the (weird) place we stayed and ate it.Turned out, it wasn't a usual cake. It was a special cake. Quite a strong and high kind of cake. The road back became really interesting & funny I can say..

Do you feel there have been fewer people at concerts since corona hit?

I feel like people tend to go more to bigger events and local & small shows without pyrotechnics and fireworks after each song became kinda like unattractive. But I'm sure that´ll change again someday.

What advice would you give to starting bands?

Be who you are and never listen to anybody.

Is there any city/concert venue that you like coming back to?

Every single town with a stage and some power.

When can Slovak fans look forward to your concert nearby?

We're gonna tour the world and can´t wait to hit Slovakia, too again. Let's say 2024?!

Lenny Bruce / Dust Bolt.
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