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Dominika Šimová • Alessandro Moie (photo)


In our new interview, we would like to introduce an interesting band with an interesting name from Italy, Ibridoma. So, here we go, Christian Bartolacci is my guest.




I used to study Italian in the past but many years ago during my uni studies, I love the language but sorry, I´ll be using English.

There 's no problem. I will try to do my best with English.

Hello Christian! So nice to talk to you. First of all, a few days ago, you celebrated your birthday! So let me wish you all the best!

Many thanks!

Was it a good one? Did you have a nice celebration?

Very good day for me. We went out with my wife, we had a very good dinner, it was a sunny day and the temperature was warm.

And hey! This year you also got married, am I right? So a year full of celebrations!

Yes on May 6th. It's a year full of nice days.

I believe so! But let's talk about music. I always like to discover new bands and Ibridoma is really new to me and I guess to most of our readers. Would you be so kind as to introduce your band a bit?

We were born in 2001, the band was formed by Alessandro the drummer and me, on lead guitar with us since 2006 there is Marco Vitali, and Leonardo on bass since 2008, on rhythm guitar Sebastiano has been playing with us live since 2012. We like to play music at live shows and we like to meet new people.

Ibridoma - what does it mean? Is it in Italian?

Ibridoma is an anti-tumor cell used in cancer treatments. Also we choose this name because we play many kinds of music when we start to play music together.

That's pretty specific terminology then. How and why have you come up with this idea?

We play to feel good and to make those who listen to us feel good. Pietro, our first rtm guitar had this Idea and it seemed so good for us.

Indeed, it also sounds very interesting. I like your sound, what's your inspiration?

We like so much classic heavy metal like Iron maiden, Metallica, Stratovarius, Death, Pantera, Sabaton, Primal Fear, Helloween, Scorpions and many others.

You are also the author of lyrics, correct me if I am wrong. Lyrics-wise, what do you want to express? I can read a lot of criticism…

Yes, I write the lyrics, I talk about with the other guys and we decide the topics together, usually we often talk about current events and personal facts.

Well, there is a lot to criticise these days, no question.

It's a very difficult period we're living in, every time I turn on the television I'm left speechless and horrified.

Same here, it's very sad and unbelievable. And I cannot even see the light at the end of the tunnel. So that's why we like to concentrate on music. Am I right?

Yes, it's better. Music is very important in our life.

You still sing also in Italian. And I find it very interesting. Is it easier to compose lyrics in Italian or English?

In Italian it's easier, but I usually write in English because many more people can understand our message.

Your latest album was released last year. Any plans for some new music?

Yes we started to write new music with other guys , this week we tried a new song , it's the first.

So good luck with this! We are coming to an end. Is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

We want to thank every single one of you for your time and if you want you can listen and see our music on youtube or spotify if you want you can write to our official page on facebook.

Thank you Christian for your time and once your new album is out, we want to know about it. Grazie mille!

Thanks to you Domi, we let you know. Grazie mille a te ! Cheers from Ibridoma.
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