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Dominika Šimová


(Hans Ziller)

This interview coming your way now was a real pleasure to do. Hans Ziller of Bonfire, the famous ´rock´n roll survivor´ had a few minuted to talk to us. So here we go.


Hi Hans. So nice to talk to you. How have you been?

Hello nice to talk to you too. I am doing ok, keeping busy with a lot of things going on.

Have you been enjoying the summer of 2023? As I can see, you've been pretty active, not only with the band.

Yes, I have been very busy finishing my book. I have a book coming out and I still have a few final things to do for it.

Did you have time to relax? And if so, how do you normally relax?

I like going to the sauna to help me relax. Also I recently became a grandfather which has been great.

Bonfire have been here since 1986 which is really amazing. What do you think about it?

It's been a long road with a lot of ups and downs and I am still here doing it. This is where I got my title Rock and Roll Survivor.

What do you consider the most significant success?

Definitely the Fireworks album which went Gold in Germany and tours with Judas Priest, Whitesnake and ZZ Top. It was a very successful time for Bonfire.

You have re-released your first three albums. Why just these Ones? Why three of them at same time Just tell us some details. Your fans would like to know anything interesting related to it.

We were in the process of making a documentary of the band. We do not own the rights for the first 3 albums. So I re-recorded them to get the rights back. They are my songs and we should have the rights to them to tell our own story. I did not want to record the albums exactly 1 to 1. They were recorded a long time ago. Recording technology has come a long way since then. Since we were recording them I wanted to make them a little more modern and a little more heavy. It's not a competition with the old recordings. It is a different recording. If you like the old recordings listen to them.
Either way they are still my songs.

This is what exactly wanted to ask. So you have re-recorded them!

They are totally new recordings. A little more heavy and modern sounding.

I have just learned you are working on the book. Can you reveal any details? What to expect?

It is about my life, my life with the band and my battle with Bipolar and depression. A look at my life through my eyes  from the beginning till now. The title is Rock and Roll Survivor.

Will it be published only in German? Can we expect an English version, too?

It will be in German and English.

Well, it is called Rock'n'Roll Survivor. Is it only about you as the founder of the band?

It is about my life from the beginning , starting the band and  my experiences with the band all the way to 2023. But it's also about dealing with my Bipolar and Depression. There were times where I was picked up at the hospital for a show, played the show and was brought back to the hospital. It is all in the book.

I have read that you use the crowdfunding to make it happen so if you want, feel free to send some links and we can also post it to help you. I think it is a great thing. People should support and help each other and thepower of community can be incredible.

Thanks, I am doing the crowd funding to help with the manufacturing  costs. I had a publisher but that didn't work out so right now I am doing it on my own.

The last Bonfire album was released in 2020. What about the new one? Any details you can tell?

I am really looking forward to the new album to be released in 2024 with my book. I think it will be a really great album the band is really on fire right now.

Who would you like to collaborate in the future? I mean, use your imagination..a singer, musician.

I´m pretty satisfied as it is now. So there is no reason to work with other person. Bonfire is all I need til the end of time.

Do you remember the last time you performed in Slovakia? It was in 2018 if I am correct in Vrutky.

Yes, I do. Lots of metal fans in Slovakia we had a great time.

Did you have a chance to see the country at least a bit?

Unfortunately, we don't often get to see as much as we would like. We are usually driving from another show and to venue and hotel then to another show. We don't usually have enough time to go sightseeing.

Any idea when to come back to play for us again?

We would love to come back in 2024.

Is there anything you would like to tell to your fans in Slovakia?

Keep an eye out for plenty of Bonfire things coming your way. Check out my book and we hope to see you all in 2024.

I would like to thank you for your time and this interview. I wish you all the best.

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