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Michal Roháč


Band or recession? The Italian "chicken" rockers are already a relatively well-known band at home and are just about to conquer the world. In the following lines, bassist Paolo Scarabotti will tell you more about the band, albums, concerts and plans, and he will also reveal a recipe for how to cook a delicious chicken.


The name of the band is interesting. What is the meaning behind the band name?

Two members of the band work in a poultry farm. One day a chicken escaped the cages, and running away succeeded to survive until the next day.  In a life 50 days long, is noticeable. So we loved the philosophy behind: run, run, do always your best and you’ll survive, but remember to have fun, because tomorrow could be the last. It’s a sort of “carpe diem”.

Is it your regular band or just a project?

This is our regular band, which we started in 2018. Michele, Leonardo, and Paolo were looking for a drummer and after several auditions, Mirko joined the band. The perfect fit for our style. Unfortunately, he had to leave due to personal issues. After a short period with Simone, we now have Mattia on drums, who is the perfect fit for our style too.

You have released three albums with interesting and funny titles. Tell us a little more about them.

The album titles are linked together as a joke. When you start a BBQ with a lot of appetizing food, first you open the grill; so we “Open the grill” and start to give our audience the beginning of a long musical binge. The second title is a basic reminder: “Don’t forget the wine” … never! We live in a valley full of vineyards, with a lot of interesting and excellent wines all around us, so it is part of our lives to have fun and wine together. The third title is about a local habit to have a drink with your friends after a meal and after the coffee … to “Kill the Coffee”. One … or more dinks. ;)

Where do you get the inspiration for the lyrics for your albums?

Our inspiration comes from everyday life. Many of our songs are about women, some are nostalgic, and a few are about society. We also have some unusual songs, like "Final Rollercoaster," which is about a chicken's night journey to the poultry factory.  But … is it only about chicken? Who’s the chicken? It’s up to you.

Do you compose music together, or is it a matter of one or two band members?

Michele writes all of the music and some lyrics, while Leonardo and Paolo contribute in composing lyrics. Michele brings his musical ideas to rehearsal and we work on them together. We all have similar musical backgrounds, so our musical language is coherent, resulting in great songs with minimal effort.

Concerts, summer festivals. Where have you played and will you play this year?

We have played in many venues and festivals in North and Central Italy, also as main support to great bands like Diamond Head, Chris Slade, Lacuna Coil, and Marky Ramone to say only a few. We are currently preparing our fourth album and our goal is to bring our music outside of Italy. We are working with our agency, Rock On Agency, to make this happen.

Apart from music, you all definitely work. Tell us what your jobs are. Perhaps not in the gastronomy sector?

LOL more or less. Michele and Leonardo work in a poultry farm, Mattia works as a naturalistic guide and Paolo is an Architect who enjoys cooking … and eating!

Judging by the name of the band, you probably like chicken. Give me a good recipe or whatever you prefer.

I think chicken is cooked more or less all around the world, in a great variety of ways and flavors. We normally stick to the basics, roasted chicken with potatoes and tomatoes … and don’t forget the wine! ;).

Thanks for your time and do you have anything else you would like to tell our readers?

We want to thank you and the readers. We are working hard to bring our show to Europe, so if you'd like to see us live and have fun together, feel free to contact us on our social channels and we’ll manage to come to you lightning fast!

Have fun!

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