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Alan Rohan


A heavenly taste of melodic filth
At the beginning of 2019, three brave gentlemen and a fearless lady saddled up their horses and set out to experience a great adventure together.  One spring evening - the sun had barely peeked over the horizon - the four of them sat together with a bottle of the best fire water and philosophized (again) about the vastness of the universe.  The sky glowed intensely, the smell of red-purple mulberry everywhere - which came like a flash and their mission was accomplished: we would be called Mulberry Sky.
Since then, Catherine van Bruce (vocals), Lucky Lerchl (bass), Simon Petrosa (drums) and Dom Raygun (guitar) have been roaming the blues-soaked rock world.


Alan – Hi gang.

Catherine – Hey Alan, so nice to meet you !

Alan – You are said to start in 2019. How did you get together?  How did you find each other?

Catherine - Oh, that's easy. I hadn't done music for a very - really very long time at that point. Earlier during school I sang in the school band and was also active in choirs. And I missed it very much. Finally, I mustered all my courage and started my search for band members via Facebook and Instagram to start a new band. Dom was the first to respond, then Lucky and Simon joined. A coincidence of the universe, I would say.

Alan – Did you play in other bands before Mulberry Sky?  Formation?

Catherine – Dom also actively plays guitar with the Raygun Rebels. Simon was drummer with Inner Mayhem - the band doesn't exist anymore. Lucky played in various formations like Down&Out or the Sundance River Band.

Alan – Do you like Mulberries?  What about raspberries and blackberries?

Catherine – Haha, very good question. Mulberries are rather uncommon in Germany. Therefore, they are definitely something special here. We all find berries in general quite delicious.

Alan – You're in a blues rock band.  Well, I think everyone can find something for themselves in your work.  I mainly listen to dirty rock, dirty (p) punk, and hard rock, so how is it actually?

Catherine- We have a very broad taste in music. That's what makes our music so interesting - also for us - because each band member brings his or her own influences. For us it is not important that every song is 100% the genre "Blues Rock", but rather that we are satisfied with the rhythm, melody and lyrics. And in the best case every song has a good story in it.

Alan – Early on in your band career, you bet on single track releases.  What made you do it?  And the first mini album?

Catherine - Our EP "Knock, Knock!" was a compilation of some of the first songs we wrote. We wanted to release something to get booked for concerts and decided to produce a small run of CDs to sell merch. We record all the songs ourselves in drummer Simon's own studio, he mixes them and he also mastered the EP himself. To hone our sound and learn how the market ticks and how to release music properly, we decided to release a few singles after the EP. Golden Suit Problems, Creature and Lion Queen. Our album "Who's There?" is also self-produced, meanwhile we give out the mastering.

Alan - the miniCD released in 2020, got you started?  And the release of the second long-player in 2022?

Catherine - Nowadays it is important - especially as a still unknown band - to release regularly. Many singles, so that one can be reported again and again. However, many bigger magazines demand that you send them an album - and an album is of course also a great joint project for a band! Currently we are working on new songs again, but we are not sure if they will be released as singles only, or if we will release an EP or an album again...

Alan - "Who's There?"  which is the first full-length album, I was quite excited by the rendition.  Dirty rock with clean vocals, connected to punk, unclassifiable and therefore good.  Of course, hard rock and a bit of blues.  But for me mainly dirty and punk plays prim.

Catherine – Thank you so much! It's nice that you perceive it that way. We want to stand for the fact that we are clearly recognized, but each song has its own raison d'être and thus the listeners do not get bored.

Alan - Do you have any funny playing experiences?  Or recording clips.  Or songs in the studio?

Catherine - It's always super fun when we're on the road together or get together to rehearse or record. We are a colorful bunch - with 100% the same humor. That makes working together very enjoyable. Of course, the one or other funny story happens from time to time. But that's better told with a beer.

Alan – Slowly but surely you are growing and reaching beyond the borders of Bavaria.  So where have you been?  And where outside Germany?

Catherine - In the meantime, we have been on the road all over Germany and have also been allowed to play in Switzerland. This fall we will also play a concert in Switzerland and we are curious to see where else we will go.

Alan - I'm not going to ask when your next album is coming out when the album is out.  We will give a new interview for the new album.  Rather, write what positives you reaped with "Who's There?"?

Catherine - On our album "Who's There?" there are, among other things, songs that we wrote back in the days of our EP. We were happy to finally be able to release all the material in one go and deliver a sequel to "Knock, Knock!". The album was very well received in the press and we got some very positive reviews, e.g. in Rock Hard magazine. The three singles (Imperfections, Second Face and Asking For A Friend) were also very well received by the fans with video and we are always happy when our CD is bought by music lovers at the merch stand or via our website.

Alan – Even though it's only summer, the concerts and festivals for next year are slowly starting to be decided.  What is Klaus preparing for you?  And will you get to the Czech Republic or Slovakia?

Catherine – That’s a secret. ;)

Alan – Back to your music.  Who, what bands influenced you, or inspired the work you do?

Catherine - As already mentioned, we listen to a lot of different music. There is a lot from classics like AC/DC, The Black Keys to more alternative bands like In Flames or modern musicians like John Mayer. That's really just a fraction. But we rather try to find our own way and not necessarily be influenced all the time.

Alan – That might be enough for the beginning of our cooperation, it's not the last time we talk.  So any message for our readers?

Catherine – Thank you so much Alan. As the Danish poet Hans Christian Andersen once said: music speaks where words fail. Thank you that there are so many people who still want to listen to music that is not written by computers, but by real people. We are always amazed at how much interest there is in rock music - even in the younger generations. We want to create emotions and hope to see you at a show someday!

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