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Samuel Sámel


Kayron raised in the south of Europe from the foundations laid by Metallica, Volbeat, A7X, Michael Jackson or Elvis. The band released their first album and right now, they are preparing to conquer the world. The whole band presented their fusion of genres, so we let whole band - Ettore, Gio and Jack - speak.


As you are relatively new name on the scene, could you introduce yourselves as a band?

Ettore: We are a band of curious and sensitive humans, in love with metal but always ready to season it with all kind of other genres of music, wheter it's funky, reggae, blues, jazz or whatever. The mix between loud agressiveness and sonic sweetness is what we like the most.

Can you tell us about the members of KAYRON and their roles in the band?

Jack: Everyone has their own specific role in the band. I sing, play guitar and compose the song and the lyrics. Ettore, the drummer, often takes part in writing the lyrics and takes care of the pre-production of the songs. Gio, (bassist) fleshes it all out with the fullness of his juicy groove and gentle big giant tonnage.

What is hidden behind the name KAYRON?

Gio: Kayron is an artistic distortion of the word "Kairos" that in ancient Greece meant "right or opportune time" and was used to indicate a moment of an indefinite period of time in which "something"  special it happens. Meaning we don't mind at all!

You describe your sound as, metal that feature gentler sounds from blues, reggae, ska and funk“. Can you elaborate on that and tell us what could we expect from you more in detail?

Ettore: We really like to mix different musical styles to Metal to make it more melodious and harmonious without fossilizing ourselves on an overly aggressive sound. We dont know what to expect from us, so its pretty difficult to explain to others. The only certain thing I can say, is that we try to surprise ourselves and therefore to surprise the listener, musically and emotionally.

What themes or concepts do you explore in your lyrics?

Jack: Lirically, we explore all the things we fear, the things we don't understand, the feelings and the thoughts we have inside towards the outside. We like to ride through the absurd and the real, which are both interchangeable and confuseable.

After relatively short written history of the band (Facebook founded in early 2022), you released album „Has Humanity Failed?“. What are the next steps in your game plan?

Jack: Next steps are blind and hopefully meant to bring us to stumble upon new inspiration and approach. Aniway, we do have something already boiling in the pot... pretty hot!

What challenges did the band face while creating their debut album?

Gio: The challenges came when we stepped out of our comfort zone to try include instruments we don't usually play, like xylophone, congas, or an attempted tap dance, which was a lot of fun anyway. The writing and mostly the recording process was a big task but we knew we where doing the best we could, and the result proves it. But of course, we always aim to improve that result.

Are there any particular bands or artists that have influenced your sound?

Ettore: Our influences are of course Metallica, Pantera, Avenged Sevenfold, Machine Head, Volbeat, Destrage, Protest The Hero, Mastodon but also Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Jamiroquai, Bob Marley, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Elvis Presley, Pino Daniele and all the rest of "old but gold" italian music.

Are there any plans for a music video or visual representation of your songs?

Ettore: Yes of course, we are working on it.

What has been the initial reception of your debut album from fans and critics?

Gio: The feedback we got is that "Has humanity failed?" it can also partly appeal to those who don't listen to rock or metal. This is a very positive factor for us, cause we like to reach the "unreachable".

Are there any upcoming tours or shows that fans should look out for?

Ettore: We are trying to organize the autumn/winter live season, at the moment it's a work in progress, but of course the live shows are our priority.

Can you share any details about the band's songwriting and recording process?

Jack: It's strange cause when we compose good stuff that then grows into songs, we enter this strange dimension where everything come fast and unexpected, so when we take a listen after a while, usually we say "How the fuck did we write this song? Sounds great!". Inspiration disappears for months and then suddenly reappears, creating the same effect of suddenly being in the ring with an extremely angry Mike Tyson. It's kind of scary, but also very adrenalinic. So we don't really have details. It's all instict, survival instict!
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