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Alan Rohan


Interview with the group Images of Eden
tour + album reissue for Europe.
Musically, Images of Eden draws inspiration from a hybrid of modern hard rock combined with classic metal, creating a modern sound full of progressive elements and passionate, unfeigned vocal delivery.
We've known each other for about a year, and we could do an interview for our zine out of casual conversation.

Alan – Hi Gordon, Hi Band.

Gordon – Hello, and thanks for this opportunity.

Alan - Let's take it from the beginning.  When was the band formed?  And who was at its first beginning?

Gordon - Absolutely.  I had been in multiple bands over the years but in 1998, I had been getting “nudged” (lack of a better word) to finally start a project that was specific to the vision that I had.  It was as if previous attempts had a “watered-down” version due to a lot of compromise.  I finally had the opportunity to track my own album so I grabbed a session drummer and we hit the studio to record Images of Eden’s self-titled album, later to be referred to as “Chapter-I”.  It was at this time where I was extremely glad that I put in so much time over the years learning all instruments (guitar, bass, keys, vocals and working drum knowledge).  Little did I know but this would become even more valuable in the upcoming years.  So, after Chapter-I was out, I put together the first live line-up of Images of Eden.  This is where the “movie” began.  After 20 years and 21 members of IOE, we FINALLY have the FT line-up.

Alan – Where would you place the creation of Image of Eden?  You are considered a combination of modern rock and metal, some people talk about Images of Eden as a hybrid in a good way.

Gordon – I think the sound evolved over the years because the first few IOE albums had a classic metal sound.  It was only when we got to “Soulrise”, did I feel a modern influence enter into the mix.  I love modern metal anyway so it was a natural evolution.

Alan – You were good from the start but couldn’t break through.  When did the break in the band happen and you started to be known as a band?

Gordon – It was right when we were wrapping up mixes for “Soulrise” in 2016.  We connected with Bill Metoyer who then connected us with Pavement Entertainment.  Things just went upward quicker from here.  We released “Soulrise” then went on tour.  The momentum picked up and it has kept going since.

Alan - With good radio placement - what did that open your way to playing?  Where did you first get here after the US?

Gordon – We gigged steadily back in the early 2000s with a different lineup, but once we reformed in 2016, we essentially “started over” but at a better level.  It was at this time where we started playing high-profile shows with bigger acts (Geoff Tate, Stryper, The Iron Maidens), etc.

Alan – More playing successes, more chart wins, positive reviews in magazines.  This put you on tour with interesting bands in the USA.  Who and where did you play?

Gordon – All had been full coast-to-coast US tours.  For “Soulrise” we toured with Metal Church and Doro Pesch.  For “Angel Born” we toured with Yngwie Malmsteen.  For “Weathered and Torn”, we toured with Michael Schenker and Eric Martin. More to come on this…

Alan – Planning to push into Europe as well.  When did you and the band start thinking about traveling, touring Europe?  And who did you hook up with?

Gordon -  We have always been trying to get to Europe and it was always a goal but we finally got there this year with WASP.

Alan – Your last mini CD/LP Weathered and Torn released twice.  First in America in November, second in Europe in February.  Was the split due to an upcoming tour?

Gordon – It was actually re-released in Europe to give it an extra boost and that was at the direction of our label.  We wanted it to be fresh when we got there.

Alan – You went on tour, but it didn’t go as planned.  Do you want to talk about it?

Gordon – Absolutely!  Blackie Lawless kicked us off the tour in Oslo, Norway (our 3rd show), leaving us stranded so we had to scramble to get home.  I could go on for a long time about this but I will be as brief as I can be…

We were told day 1 by a crew member that “The Boss does not like it when ‘his’ crowd cheers too hard for the support band.”  Well, that is exactly what happened each night, then at show #3, one of our crew members walked up front and took a few quick pics/ video of Blackie toward the end of his set. This caused Blackie to go ballistic backstage.  Right after this, Blackie sent his crew out to forcibly delete our crew member’s pics/ video, collect our lanyard badges and send us home.

It is common knowledge that Blackie uses “backing tracks”.  He has admitted to this.  However, at the time he fired us, he had not yet admitted that he is using LEAD VOCAL TRACKS as well and it was clear that he did not want that to get out.  Well, everything that happens in “secret” will eventually come to light.  Just several days ago (May 26th), Blabbermouth posted a story about him doing just this.  Link to the story here>

So… we will let the fans decide what he is doing.  They are not stupid!

Alan – the mini-album was created during the prohibition era.  Everything is reflected in the lyrics.  So how did you perceive the text page?

Gordon – The EP is actually our response to COVID and what we were all put through.  We did NOT believe the narrative that the mainstream media was “trying” to sell us.  I say “trying” because we saw right through it.  Anyway, Not to get too heavily into that but it is about our frustration/ anger and also telling the world that it is okay “not to be okay”.  Even though it was a bit darker than our usual material, it had a very real light at the end of the tunnel and that is what we are about- lifting the audience in dark times and encouraging everyone.

Alan – Feedback and sales of the mini album in the US and Europe?

Gordon – We still have not gotten any sales report but I would imagine we will soon.  That said, the feedback from W&T was overwhelming so I would imagine it is doing well, comparatively-speaking.

Alan – A video clip for the song Count to Zero was also created for the album.  Why did you choose the music video for this song?

Gordon – Whenever it comes time to do a video, Steve Dorssom and I usually have no issue pinpointing the video single and to date, every storyline just came to us, so we roll with what we are hearing/ seeing.  He and I then have a call and go over the entire thing from beginning to end and what we need to do in order to bring it to life.  This song was about me kicking an addiction 25 years ago and making a life-saving change.  Time is not promised so we need to seize the day and change whatever we don’t like about ourselves right away.

Alan – Slowly but surely a new European tour is in the works.  Do you already have an approximate date when it should be done?  And do you also include the Czech Republic and Slovakia in the tour?

Gordon – We are working on this now.  It is a bit challenging because we are trying to recoup what we put out for the current tour along with sniffing out new opportunities.  But, time will tell and we feel confident that we will be back soon.  As for those countries, absolutely!

Alan – We'll leave it to fate, or a higher power, and maybe we'll meet somewhere this year.  At least I hope so.  Thanks for the interview, and see you on the club scene.

Gordon – Thank YOU so much for the opportunity!

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