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Alan Rohan


Interview with the group Cristallion about the festival "South of Heaven open air"
Brand new festival in South Bohemia!
Which is taking place in Zbytiny (Prachatice, Volary, Vimperk) for the second time, and we are happy about it.
Bands from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, Poland will perform here, and maybe... well, let yourself be surprised, but that's just a possibility. No, it's not just possible, it's a reality.
Genre-focused on rock and metal, a few punk groups will also perform, so that the festival is varied.
We asked some questions to the bands that will be playing at this festival. "South of Heaven open air"

Alan - Yeah, a bit of a corny question, but we'll ask it anyway. How are you looking forward to the festival?

Tony with the band - It's our first festival of this year and within this line up and on top its in freakin’ CZ! So yes, we are extremely exited! Also: it feels like back in time when all was still a big metal faimly! Smaller bands, all kind of genres and a passionated crowd ready to party ... How could we ask for more?

Alan - Where have you had your best gigs? Concert, festival? During its existence.

Tony with the band - Titans of Power in Kaldenkirchen! Killer crowd! Or our show with Running Wild! – a truly wild one 😅 Also not long ago we had a great show at the CD Release of Crom in Freising! Very well organized and pacled! And let’s not forget Brno! Another reason why we are stoked to be back in czech!

Alan - What interesting things will you bring to the "South of Heaven open-air" festival? Pyrotechnics, new songs?

Tony with the band - Well, first of all our new line up! Our original guitarist Patty rejoined the band – so we actually have two lead guitarists now and our new knight at the vocals; Tony.

And we will play songs from every of our 5 records! So a big celebration of 20 years history.And our guitarist Sven Sevens will bring the first batch of his own mead, so it's going to be a ride.

Alan – You don't make music for a living, that's for sure. So what do you do? And how did you come together as a band?

Tony with the band - The core members of Crystallion are making music together since high school (early 90s) until they formed Crystallion in 2003. One funny fact is that Tony Martin and Stephan been on the same Manowar show in 1994 and later again in 2012 they went to a show Tony was organizing still not knowing each other. But their path of steel kept crossing eachbothers. So we guess it was meant to be thst we all combine in a band ne day.

Alan - What do you get the most entertainment for at concerts or festivals? Beer and sausage? And what was your top food memory at the festival?

Tony with the band - Great atmosphere, passionated music and cheap beer.

Alan - Your corner, homeland. How is it with club music? And with the guitar scene in general? Tony with the band - Not only rock but also metal, punk, hardcore, etc.? Just an electric guitar.

Tony with the band - Guess pretty much as everywhere else... could be better... but then again: it’s about the great folks that actually go to shows and party with us, the great people organizing events and running venues, about all the stuff that we have. The friendship that developes, because people gotta help each other. If it would not be hard it would not be wortj so much, it would not be Rock’n’Roll and in the end we probably would not like it. So in a wierd way it’s good that it’s not perfect...

Alan - You play outdoor festivals. Have you ever played in a quarry? Or in another interesting place?

Tony with the band - The castle in Wörth a.d. Donau was a nice setting and also the amphi theatre at the top of the Rock of Loreley!

Quarry not yet but sounds like a pretty cool location 😎

Alan – I asked a question a year ago when you think of Imhotep, who comes to mind?

Tony with the band - There’s a whole book about him 😅

Alan - What's new with the band? Carrier, video clip, .....?

Tony with the band - Like mentioned before: our lineup! But there is also a new art design that we use for promotion by no one less bit the amazing Uwe Jarling! There is more in the line, but there is a saying: don’t talk about the eggs that are still inside the hen 😉

Any - Is there something interesting that you dare to crack on yourself?

Tony with the band - Nope. We are nice and well behaving, dutiful citizens that would neveeeer do anything abnormal or crazy.

Alan - Thanks for the short interview. And what do we wish for the "South of Heaven open-air" festival? Maybe good weather?

Tony with the band - Great weather would help, but since we’re all made of metal not sugar even that would not stop us having a good time!

Alan – What band or bands shaped you to the work you do? And what bands do you like?

Tony with the band - Elvis and Mozart.

Alan - And in the very conclusion. Who or what are you most looking forward to at the South of Heaven Quarry Festival?

Tony with the band - Girls, girls, girls!

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