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Alan Rohan


Interview with DobBroMan, blues/blues rock Berlin
 We (you) were able to meet the artist and musician who calls himself DobBroMan in the Czech Republic for many years.  In Slovakia too, but the hand has always thwarted bewitchment, concerts, or performances at festivals.  DobBroMan was at least played on Czech and Slovak radio stations.  Several interviews (recordings) were recorded for radio stations not only in the Czech Republic.  He was and is being written about in music magazines and newspapers both in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, not excluding the website.  And yes, he also appeared on TV.  So this is all DobBroMan answering a few questions we ask him.


Alan – Hi DobBroMan, nice to see you again.  Just in a nutshell (in a nutshell) for those who have never met you.  Who is DobBroMan?

DobBroMan - I´m a Singer Songwriter, Americana, Blues - Rock, using a Resonator Slide Guitar.

Alan - You have three albums.  Describe all three, what do you rely on in each?

DobBroMan - ha ha, it is still two Albums I did so far Solo, my Debut Album and the new Album called „Got All The Luck“, but also did some Remix and Cover Versions.

Alan – When we talked together some time ago, we also talked about making a video.  Since then you've done several video projects, so what's new/new in the last year?

DobBroMan - Yes, I did a Video for my New Album „Deadwood 1876“, feat. Big Joe Stolle on Harmonica, and me with the Cigar Box Guitar - the Song is based on a true Story. There is also a Book out by Pete Dexter - I will listen on my next Train ride… as a hearing Book on CD / mp3.

Alan – Years (years) 2020, 2021, 2022 – where have you been in the Czech Republic?  And which was the best for you?

DobBroMan - I had a view Gigs all over in the Czech Republic and in Prag the City I love very much. „Hostyn“ was special and amazing by the famous Church, Dolní Poustevna, Bystrice…

Alan – Slovakia, 2020 – 2022. You should have played in Slovakia as well.  Where everywhere?  And why did it fail?

DobBroMan - after three Years of worldwide Pandemic - I’m happy to be back traveling and playing live again.

Alan – This year 2023, Czech Republic and Slovakia.  Where will we see you, hear you?

DobBroMan - from June 23rd to 25th June… I’m playing some Gigs in the CZ, FK Bystřice pod Hostýnem … final Details you will find on my web site at News…

Alan – A video clip was also created from playing in the Czech Republic, how will you be doing this year?  And which game will be the best for you?

DobBroMan - It is always very inspiring traveling through the Czech Republic, let’s see what I will come up next…. There a still some Songs left - from the New Album that will need a Video…

Alan – Will you be going to some performances, again in the form of Karl May?

DobBroMan - that might be a great idea for the Song „Western Skyline“ feat. Cyra … ha ha.

Alan - Thanks for the interview and we look forward to it.  I hope it will again be proper Louisiana blues with a touch of rock.

DobBroMan -  It’s Always a pleasure to talk to you…. Can’t wait to be back in the Czech Republic -
Thank you so much…. Many blessings and Blues on.

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