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Alan Rohan


Interview with Endonomos
epic doom/melodic death from Austria
Currently in Austria, as far as metal is concerned, the black metal scene leads the way. Unfortunately, or thank God - this does not apply to the band Endonomos. The connection between doom metal and death doom is a variation of Austrian metal.


Alan – Hello band. Endonomos - how did you come about? How did you come together as a band? And how far are you from each other? What part of Austria are you from?

Endonomos – Initially I wrote all the material alone, but already with bandmates in mind, that would join me for live. We live not too far from each other 60 to 100 kms roughly, some of us live around Linz, one of us in Salzburg, and I live between Linz and Munich, right at the german border.

Alan – You have been around for a relatively short time. You have one full-length album behind you. How did you get involved with Argonaut Publishing?

Endonomos – Corny from Ahab (drums) recommended the label to me, so I sent the preproduction to Argonauta Records, and after a couple of months I got an email, that they were interested.

Alan – Your work sounds to me not just a mix of death and doom. But more epic doom with a hint of the funeral. Especially the lyrics. You are different than a bunch of similar bands.

Endonomos – I couldn't agree more with you here. I think we are deeply rooted in traditional epic doom, yet in a deathdoom garment. The epic melodies of traditional doommetal are still a key element to me when it comes to all things doom.

Alan – Did you want to be different from other bands? Your concept and sound are not a direct line that is normally used by doom metal bands.

Endonomos – Of course, I think every musician tries to somehow set himself apart from his/her peers (unless it's a tribute band, which is also fine). To find a niche in where you can exist, and not just copy, but evolve your style to bring something new and intriguing to the table, to keep it exciting for the listener.

Alan – How has the playing been going in Austria in the last year?

Endonomos – Shows work out pretty well, at least the shows I palyed were mainly well attended and people had a lot of fun. In general Austria is a little more difficult that Germany or CZ though, at least in my experience.

Alan – In the Czech Republic, or in Slovakia, there has been an increase in the last year rather for black metal bands. How are you doing in Austria?

Endonomos – The Austrian metal scene consists mainly of Black Metal Bands, so this development is nothing new here. Austria has been a BM stronghold for decades. Doom Metal on the other hand is virtually nonexistant. But I don't see this as an obstacle for us, it makes us easier to stand out. Also during the last year, we discovered, that a lot of BM fans enjoy our music.

Alan – Do you know any Czech or Slovak bands? Festivals?

Endonomos – Coming from a Death/Grind background and playing in Death/Grind bands also I actually know quite a few bands and festivals in Cz. In fact CZ is my favourite place to play, and not only because of the incredible beer you guys brew :) My other bands Distaste and Profanity are friendly with Maty&Gutalax, Ingrowing, Brutally Deceased, Malignant Tumour, Tortharry, Cuttered Flesh, Taedifer, way too many to mention! I played festivals as Czech Death Fest, Obscene Extreme, Fekal Party, Antitrend, Power Grindcore and many many more. I am always happy when a show in CZ or Sk pops up :)

Alan – What or who influenced you to create Endonomos?

Endonomos – Again, too many to mention, from Black Sabbath, Candlemass and Pentagram to Procession, Spirius Mortis, Paradise Lost, Ahab and even some DM bands like Edge of Sanity or Obituary. Sometimes even classic metal or bands as Opeth.

Alan – What media was the album released on? At what cost? How satisfied are you with the work?

Endonomos – The album was released on Compact Disc and vinyl. And the vinyl was pretty pricey :D But you need vinyl these days, especially live. They all turned out very nice, we found a really good pressing plant in bavaria that was able to produce it for us in very high quality.

Alan – You have also played concerts. How satisfied were the listeners and concertgoers with your work?

Endonomos – They seemed to have enjoyed it quite thoroughly :) You know in doom you don't get moshpits, but when half of the people are headbanging and the rest is standing there, eyes closed and vibing, you know there's a good thing going on :)

Alan – What has been your biggest success as a band so far? Concert, festival, best magazine, or radio?

Endonomos – Our biggest show so far was very recently: The Dark Easter Metal Meeting in Munich, Germany, where we shared the Bill with Legends as Candlemass, Hellhammer, Necrophobic and dozens more. We had a packed venue during our show, and also very good merch sales. Not to mention all the fun we had watching all the other bands and enjoying the festival!

Alan - I think there's no point in asking when the next album will be released, it's time. But what interesting things are you working on with the group now?

Endonomos – We are indeed writing the new album right now. Also we are booking quite a few shows for next year, and still got a couple coming up this year, so we're very industrious.

Alan - We're going to lighten up this conversation. What was funny (some kind of fun) that you experienced with the band during the recording of the album, music video, or during the concert?

Endonomos – When we shot our second video (weary), we wanted the whole video to have a slowmotion effect going on. So we filmed everything in double speed, to reduce the videorecording's speed to half during post, so it would be in fact actual slow motion. To realise this, we had to speed our song up by 100%, you can imagine how goofy that sounds. So we are standing there, performing this song way too fast, playing, looking and sounding like the Smurfs, when the Cameradrone got stuck in the tree. So we went on to film with the stationary cam, while the drone-pilot tried to frisbee the drone out of the treetops with ours drummer's cymbalcase. For a really long time :D I was incredibly thankful nobody was there to watch us, it must have looked and sounded ridiculous. Also we had to carry all the equipment up that hill, through very deep snow.

Alan – Where can we find Endonomos? On the radio, in zines? Where else have they written about you in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, or Slovakia? Or are they playing you?

Endonomos – I have little knowledge of airplay, is this even a thing for Doom? I think if you want to hear us you have to go to our bandcamp page or order the album at the Argonauta webstore :D

Alan – Thanks for the interview, and maybe you'll get to play in the Czech Republic or Slovakia.

Endonomos – We're working on it! If you know any promoters, who might be interested, tell the to contact us :)

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