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Alan Rohan


Interview Poland ban Nenufar "South of Heaven open air"
Goth Symphonic Metalcore band from South of Poland
Brand new festival in South Bohemia!
Which is taking place in Zbytiny (Prachatice, Volary, Vimperk) for the second time, and we are happy about it.
Bands from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, Polandand ... will perform here, and maybe... well, let yourself be surprised, but that's just a possibility.
Genre-focused on rock and metal, a few punk groups will also perform, so that the festival is varied.
We asked some questions to the bands that will be playing at this festival. "South of Heaven open air"

Alan - Yeah, a bit of a corny question, but we'll ask it anyway. How are you looking forward to the festival?

Mariusz - We can't wait to play in Czech Republic especially because it will be the first concert abroad in our career.

Alan - Where have you had your best gigs? Concert, festival? During its existence.

Mariusz - Our band is young and in this project we had a few concerts to 100-300 people.

Alan - What interesting things will you bring to the "South of Heaven open-air" festival? Pyrotechnics, new songs?

Mariusz - We'll bring our debut album, a lot of energy flowing from our music, good vibe a lot of chugggg and 6th little Nenufar member :D

Alan – Do you have any spice in your memories? Spicy memory from playing? Or on the way to a performance?

Mariusz - Yes, show in pizzeria, it was strange feeling to play a concert for people eating pizza. Guy from audience giving a bullet as a souvenir for a good singing or lack of electricity in the middle of the show.

Alan – You don't make music for a living, that's for sure. So what do you do? And how did you come together as a band?

Mariusz - HR and Payroll Assistant, Aircraft Mechanic, Investment Specialist, IT. First  Mariusz vocalist planned the project, composed a songs and started to searching the members via Facebook.

Alan - What do you get the most entertainment for at concerts or festivals? Beer and sausage? And what was your top food memory at the festival?

Mariusz - We like eveything what contains meet. We also like a beer, but all the members are drivers :D

Alan - Your corner, homeland. How is it with club music? And with the guitar scene in general? Not only rock but also metal, punk, hardcore, etc.? Just an electric guitar.

Mariusz - We are from Silesian Voivodeship Metropoly and here in the center of polish industry, heavy music is popular. We have a few bigger clubs and a lot of small pubs with great climat.

Alan - You play outdoor festivals. Have you ever played in a quarry? Or in another interesting place? This is your second time at this festival. So?

Mariusz -We played only one festival last year, but in this year we have planned a bit more festivals: in the middle of the forest or in quarry for example, so it will be our first time in exotic place.

Alan – I asked a question a year ago when you think of Imhotep, who comes to mind?

Mariusz -  Two situations from a movies: The mummy film, where Imhotep was the black character and second: Asterix and Obelix Mission Cleopatra: "One Imhotep please..... two" somewhere in the Egyptian restaurant, but it was in the PL dubbing, so we're not sure in your also.

Alan - What's new with the band? Carrier, video clip, .....?

Mariusz - We finished our debut album and we want to sign a contract with the label. We'll relase it in this year.

Alan - Is there something interesting that you dare to crack on yourself?

Mariusz -  Our drummer don't have a work, but it's a secret.

Alan - Thanks for the short interview. And what do we wish for the "South of Heaven open-air" festival? Maybe good weather?

Mariusz - Crowded audience, nice soundmaster and maybe some pogo.

Alan – What band or bands shaped you to the work you do? And what bands do you like?

Mariusz - Spiritbox, Lacuna Coil, Sabaton, Within Temptation, Nightwish, Delain, Meshuggah, Gojira.

Alan - And in the very conclusion. Who or what are you most looking forward to at the South of Heaven Quarry Festival?

Mariusz - It's hard to say because all bands have something intriguing about them. We want to be pleasantly surprised by listening to bands live.

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