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Michal Roháč


The guitar ace, excellent composer and one of the best metal guitarists recently released his art on an album that you can also practice your technique at home. This interview is not only for fans, but also for guitarists, because the artist has already given some advice in it. So if you are interested in what musical patterns, interests (that is, apart from the guitar) Victor Smolski has and especially about his new album, then the following interview is for you.


A few days since the release of your news. What reactions to the new album have you encountered? What do music critics and fans say about the news?

I´ve not read a lot, but what I´ve seen was great. In our days everything is online, so, if someone is interested in something, you can find everything. It makes me really happy that people like what I do.

How satisfied are you with the album?

"Guitar Force" was the first CD, which I mixed completely by myself. Since corona I moved my guitar school to online lessons and created my own studio. I had enough time to work without any pressure. I like very much the result and I think it´s one of the best sound I´ve ever produced with my CDs. "Guitar Force" is really a best of my ideas and playing. You can find shredding, technical stuff, but also very dynamic, beautiful melodies. After so many years composing for different singers like “All stars” CD from Nuclear Blast working with singers like Hansi Kürsch (Blind Guardian), Tobias Sammet (Avantasia), Andi Deris (Helloween), Taria and so on, composing songs for Rage and Almanac where I changed a lot of singers, I really want to do again an instrumental CD. I´m totally happy with result.

You are known to be a perfectionist. Are there any albums that you would like to change a little musically?

I never want to change any of my products, because I always give 100% in this moment. Sure that 10 or 20 years later you play better, but better looking forwards than backwards. In the end, everything is a matter of taste.

What inspires you when composing music?

My life which is full of adventure, it can be my son which has already started with doing music, live shows with great audience, wild car racing or cool vacation trip.

How much time do you spend playing the guitar a day?

4-5 hours per day, depends on studio or touring, then it could be more or less.

Which musicians have inspired you?

Eddie van Halen, Tchaikovsky and my father.

He inspired many musicians. What would you advise guitarists to improve their technique?

Try to find a good teacher from the beginning and not spend time to learn wrong technique. Right balance between theory and practise can help.

Throughout your career, you've been through many bands. Which one would you return to as a guest and which one would you not?

I don´t want to return to someone. I´m always looking for new experience.

Concerts in clubs or festivals. Where do you prefer to play?

I like both. In small clubs you get direct reaction from your fans. At festivals you reach always new fans.

Do you already have any concert and festival dates for this year?

We just came back from long tour through Europe, 40 shows in 8 countries. So, at the moment I want to have a break and check dates for the future, but they aren´t confirmed yet.

I have no doubt that music is your great hobby and you devote as much time to it as possible. Do you have other interests?

Music is not my hobby, it´s my life. I got professional education as a musician and never tried to do something else. My hobby is racing and I spent a lot of time being successful on the racetrack. On my YouTube Channel and website you find a lot of cool stuff.

This interview is for Slovak readers, would you like to say something to them at the end of the interview?

We have one life. Enjoy every day and try do be happy! Play music which you like without any compromises. Thanks for your support!
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