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Alan Rohan


Interview with Potsch Potschka
It's 2022 and you have new two albums.


Alan - Hello Potsch.  Again,we will have interview together, and I'm glad because there is something to talk about.

Potsch – Because I`m realy busy,there`s always somthing to talk about.

Alan – You released two albums this year.  Potsch Potschka & Friends - Timeless and the album Potsch Potschka - Fantasia Iberica, what can you tell us about it?

Potsch – Timeless is my first pop-album I made since 30 years.I made it,because I wanted to write some songs,which are softer and compatable for "commercial radio". Fantasia Iberica is my first classical record,which I wanted to make since many years.

Alan – How did you work on the albums?  Did you do a whole album first?  And then you worked on the second album?  Or did you do them concurrently?

Potsch – Fantasia Iberica I wrote 20 years ago for the Ochestra of Brandenburg.Because I couldn`t record it,I did it 7 years later together with my kollege and friend Frank Müller-Brys,who is also my partner of our duo GITARRA PURA.He supported me in arranging and wrote the partitur. Working on it,took at least 2 years, Timeless was made during the last 2 years.

Alan - I'm assuming you've been tinkering at home.  Or is it different?

Potsch – Yes. I always work in my own studio,which I call- my madow of adventures -, because it`s full of possibilities to create songs.

Alan - Where did you record the album and who helped you during the recording?

Potsch – As I said, I record everthing in my studio,exept somebody sends me a file, which was recorded somewhere else. I have no help from anybody.

Alan – For your rock albums, you almost always take the same musicians, do you have full confidence in them?

Potsch – Shure! Otherwise I wouldn`t do it.These musicians are very professional and we all have a similar taste of music and like to work on my music and we are friends!

Alan - Fantasia Iberica, an absolutely fantastic album in your performance, when in one album, in one song, you can combine Arab creation with Christian and put it all in Spanish garb.  What did you draw inspiration from?

Potsch – When I was working on Flamenco down in Andalucia, I knew already , that some of its origins are from arabian music.Therefore I got into arabian music, to know what the specificasions are.Fusion is my special favorit and made me mixing the two different "styles"

Alan - Fantasia Iberica, is your whole album in the works?  Or did other people help you?

Potsch – As I said earlier, my  colleague Frank Müller-Brys helped me a lot in arrangement and writing the partitur.He also composed two pieces.

Alan – Again a similar question.  Where did you record the album and who helped you during the recording?

Potsch – It was made in my studio by myself and I mixed it with my colleague.

Alan – Have you released both albums publicly yet?  And where?

Potsch – Both of my records are released by BSC-Music since half a year.

Alan – What was the response or satisfaction from people who bought the albums or came to the concert?

Potsch – Fantasia Iberica was released worldwide and it`s quite successfull in USA and Spain. It is in several lists of radioprogramms ,which is very good,because it`s played tan constantly. The surprise for me was,that in Spain the Djs couldn`t believe,that it`s a german guitarplayer, who plays the spanisch guitar like an Andalucian, which is a great honor.

Alan – Didn't you think about an album that would be a minor return to punk?

Potsch – not at all.

Alan – What about Klaus, good?

Potsch – Klaus is now a good friend,who helps me to come along in several branches.

Alan – Thanks for the interview, and maybe I'll see you in Berlin in the summer, we'll give it time.

Potsch – you`re welcome and see you then.

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