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Michal Roháč


Italy surprised again. I talked when I was listening to Nanga Parbat's album and looking for information about the band. I was so interested in the interesting mix of gothic and death metal that I became more interested in the band. But instead of looking for information, I prepared questions and learned interesting information through them. The band took the interview really seriously, because not one member of the band, but almost the whole band answered the questions. So in the following lines, singer Andrea Pedruzzi, guitarists Flavio Cicconi and Edoardo Sterpetti and bassist Enrico Sandri will tell you more about the band, album and other things.


Hi. The band was formed three years ago. Which bands influenced your work?

Our influences come from different sources. First and foremost we look up to death metal giants like Death and Carcass, our progressive influences, on the other hand, come from both old and new progressive bands, ranging from the seventies prog rock scene like King Crimson and Jethro Tull to the more contemporary progressive death metal genre like Opeth and Devin Townsend. Our roots dig deep and their reach touches bands like Katatonia, Paradise Lost and Alcest.

Tell readers more about the band and members' ideas.

Enrico: We try to present our fans and supporters with a solid blend of death and progressive metal, we already named quite a lot of bands that inspire us. To further expand our mission we can say that we never settle for the first riff or drum fill, we endure a rigorous procedure to make sure that our songs are just the way we want them to be from start to finish, we do not compromise with market requirements and we always strive to bring forth our true colors. Our final objective is to represent nature's strenghts and its wrath against the human world.

Were you somehow inspired or fascinated by the mountain in the Himalayas when you called the band Nanga Parbat?

Enrico: Our guitar player Flavio, is an avid alpinist and climber, he brought the name to the table and we were fascinated by the stories he told us. The "Killer Mountain", as Nanga Parbat is known between the mountaneering comunity, is a place full of natural powers and misteries and we were, and still are, honored to have such an iconic name.

The combination of progressive and gothic metal is interesting. You have one single and one video in your account. What were the reactions of the fans?

Andrea: As said before we strived to bring our fans the best we could. This is true both for the music and for the visuals used in all our media. The videos came from a partnership with the amazing team from Sanda Movies, they captured our essence perfectly and they gave us the possibolity of showing ourselves without filters. We were overjoyed by the result everyone saw on Youtube and we still receive good reviews from the public. Both videos have been seen by thousands of people and almost everyone enjoyed them as much as we did.

The debut album is probably in progress. When can fans expect it to be released?

Andrea: Our album has been released last year on the 23rd of March 2021 and it has been met with a great response from the fans. We shipped hundreds of copies worldwide and we are still pondering on the possibility of releasing a vinyl format to celebrate the success we had and to meet the requests from our fans.

What inspires you when composing songs?

Edoardo: Each and everyone of us is driven by something slighly different, when it comes to writing music some of us tend to write straight from the heart. When this happens we normally find ourselves knee deep in inspired lyrics and fascinating backstories from which we distill our songs. Other times we bring ourselves to write in order to produce material that can be sourced later in the songwriting process, this sometimes can produce less inspired music but we normally salvage this ideas to complete the more heartfelt compositions. We look for inspiration in a lot of things, firstly from Nature and literature, secondly from history and myths.

If the situation was different, I would ask about concerts, but let's put it theoretically. Which bands would you like to tour with?

Edoardo: There are many band with whom we would love to share the stage: Opeth, Dark Tranquillity, Carcass, Devin Townsend, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Shores of Null and many more. It would be awesome to have a few shows booked, we cannot wait to perform our music in front of our fans, family and friends. We cannot say much, but maybe, just maybe, we will share some news with everyone at a later date!

In addition to music, you probably have your jobs and interests. What do you do in your private life and free time?

Flavio: We are quite eclectic as a band, our bonds are strangely assorted. We have an  Engineer, a Chemist, a Financial Advisor, and a couple of Teachers, we have also very different kind of interests some of us are deeply into football and some others does not even know the basic rules of a football game. We have got some Nerds Videogames Addicts and some of the members that can’t tell the difference from a Nintendo and an X Box. Even the music taste is quite vaste ranging from jazz to grindcore so truly the only thing that links us the passion for progressive and experimental metal. Adding different elements and mixing styles that is what our band is about.

Thank you for your time for my questions. What else would you say to the fans in the end?

Flavio: We would like to thank everybody for the support and love that we have received in the last year since the release of Downfall and Torment. We really want to come back stronger live as soon as possible and create new music. The last couple of years have been really tough for everybody and especially for musicians and we can’t wait to give the proper propulsion to our debut album and to our music to reach every angle of the world. Maybe it has been a misfortuned period for the release of a completly new project but maybe after these critical years will be a flourish period for the music. Stay safe and stay strong.
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