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Michal Roháč


The Czech band Symhonity is one of the pioneers of Slovak symphonic metal. Currently, after a long time, personnel changes, but also during the current deaf concert period, the band plans to record a new album. In the following interview, singer Mayo Petranin and bassist Tom Sklenár will talk more about the album, but also about the current situation.

The band Symphonity has a history of several years. Tell us what the beginnings were or the formation of the band.

Tom: The history of the band is colorful. To make the long story short, the band´s line up changed a multiple time. Many fans connect Symphonity with famous names such as Olaf Hayer or Martin „Marthus“ Škaroupka. They were really important members, but it´s all the past. After the release of the last studio album King of Persia in 2016, some of the band members were not able to play live shows, which was a big problem. That´s the main reason, why Libor decided to change the line-up. That´s the time I joined the band. It also leads to our current line-up, which is as follows:

Konstantin Naumenko - vocals
Mayo Petranin - vocals
Josef Cigánek - drums
Libor Křivák - guitar
Tomáš Sklenář – bass

Which bands and musicians have had and are influencing your work?

Mayo: There are severals musicians, composors and bands we like and they inspire us. But we still trying to find our own directions and way how to compose. When we were younger bands like Stratovarius, Angra, Blind Guardian, Avantasia have big influence on me.

There were frequent personnel changes in the band. Who or what was their cause?

Mayo: Hmm, it´s hard to say. There are many reasons why changes happened. Not only personal reasons, but also health factors,  unfilled expectations and many times different music activities (own bands, projects etc.). With many members we are still in contact, and we always try to support them. No bad blood among us.

Your work is currently revolving around the King of Persia. What fascinated you about this man?

Tom: I would not speak about fascination. Don´t look for anything special in this topic. The truth is that we like historical themes. And when guys wrote music for the title song of the album, the story of the King Of Persia fits well for the music.

Are you planning to make the new album conceptual?

Mayo: Yes, of course. It will be once again conceptual album.

Will you describe the album your own words?

Mayo: Life, story and travelling of Marco Polo. He seems to us like very interesting person in history with many unexpected stories about his journey to China, discovering Silk Road. So there will be a lot of thrill and surprising epic musical moments.

Concerts. It's very bad with them right now. Are you planning at least a few performances this year?

Mayo: Well, one thing is what we are planning, and other are restrictions. In this moment we have booked and confirmed 4 gigs only. We cannot predict what´ll come in autumn.

What about online concerts? Are you not considering this option as well?

Mayo: To be honest, I am not big fan of activities like this. Without audience it´s super weird. Maybe more videos and clips, but who knows. When the rest of band will say yes, let´s do this, it will be good promotion...I am in!

Covid, vaccinations and all measures are currently very divisive. What is your opinion on current events?

Mayo: It is very delicate and personal topic, I think. Some people are still not 100% sure about effectiveness of vaccine and side effects. But covid passes probably will be only solution for traveling. Who knows?

Thank you for taking the time to ask my questions. Do you have anything else at the end that you would like to pass on to the fans?

Mayo: Stay heavy, listen good music, for example older stuff from SYMPHONITY. Enjoy the summer. And watch SYMPHONITY album will nail you down!
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