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Michal Roháč


The Italian metal scene is quite rich in quality bands. Lately, more and more interesting and better bands have been going out into the world from them. The band KormaK only recently released their brand new album Apocryphal and that was the reason to learn a little more about the band. In the following lines, the singer Zaira De Candia will tell more about the band.


The band KormaK is relatively young and not yet known. Introduce the band at the beginning and tell how it was formed. musicians for this particular project.

KormaK was born in fall 2017 from the idea of the singer Zaira de Candia. Then, in December 2018 we release our single "Brigante Se More", a revisitation of the folk music piece composed by M. Eugenio Bennato. The single collected success immediately and positive opinions from the press. The different influences of the components led the project to range in different genres, keeping Folk Metal as matrix. In March 2018 we published our single "The Goddess’ Song", which belongs to the first official album "Ferenus", released in June 2018 via Rockshots Records, with later the official video clip of the title track. After various dates in Central and Southern Italy, from September to October, the group engages in their first tour called "Faerenus Italian Tour 2018", which leads them to play all over Italy accompanied by names like Domine, Elvenking. In March 2019 we engaged an European Tour among France, Belgium, Germany, Czech Rep., Poland and Hungary. The same year we played in various festivals supporting bands such as Furor Gallico and Dalriada as well as alongside the Dutch Heidevolk on the only Italian dates. in September 2019, we released a new song named "Voice Of The Sea" that concludes the Faerenus era. In 2021 the single "JINN" announces the release of the new album, "Apocryphal" scheduled for June via Nova Era Records.

Folk Metal is a style that is gaining more and more fans. Which bands from this style do you like and are your inspiration?

As far as our genre is concerned, we interpret "folk" as actually our people and our land would interpret it. The sounds are typical Mediterranean, while maintaining a link with the generic "folk metal canon".  We do not have a real inspiration but we can recognize in the way of interpreting the folk of some groups such as Arkona, Wardruna or Faun as coherent with our thoughts. Beading in a more practical way, about sound we feel closer to realities like Wolfheart, Finntroll or Moonsorrow.

Does anyone in the band also have a music education, or are you every self-taught?

Some of us are completely self-taught, others took lessons in youth but practically we notice how the aggregation makes the individual grow even technically. Some of us are currently also teachers in our field.

A new album is coming out soon. You certainly expect the fans to like it, but how satisfied are you with it?

This album was a huge labor: long, technically complex and intricate as a plot. We really hope our fans will like it because we are very satisfied with the product.

Describe the album to your readers in your own words.

This new album is named "Apocryphal", a thirteen tracks concept album that speaks about the biblical story of Lilith: first created woman as well as the first rebel of the history; creating interesting parallelism linked to the figure of the woman in modern times. Usually when we talk about Lilith we imagine her as the mother of demons, of the succiubi or in any case linked with the esoteric world ... we did not do this, we told an untold and hidden "apocryphal" story: the story of a woman who found the courage and strength to rebel against God, to assert her identity and slowly build her empire.

What influences and inspires you when composing songs?

We were looking for something strange and strong, in contrast to what was already said. This is why we created this oxymoron about the story: apparently common to the rest but practically opposite. For this album we decided to evolve our sound, keeping the constant Folk and death metal, but introducing moods related to black and atmospheric in order to better express this concept of oppression and anger.

Concerts and festivals is quite difficult in the current situation, but if you plan to perform live or online this year?

We cannot yet know, unfortunately everything in Italy has been blocked for more than a year and now events and probably festivals are slowly starting to appear again. We will be happy to participate as soon as possible.

What are the band's plans for the future?

We are currently organizing ourselves to be able to leave for a promotional European tour as soon as possible in order to come back on stage and feel again the love of people. (We are aware, howaver, that it may be in the first part of 2022).

Covid, vaccines, lockdown and many other things that are currently moving the world and dividing people. Give your opinion on the present.

Unfortunately, the current situation has been a problem for various realities: for clubs and for groups. many people in the sector have lost their jobs or have seen it considerably downsized Fortunately, with the spread of the vaccine, it will be possible to travel again and to be able to play live. The presence of people is what gives LIFE to a public place. Live strams will never have the energy and warmth that a stage can guarantee.

Thanks for your time to my questions. Do you have anything else at the end that you would like to pass on to readers?

We would really like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to make our project and our music known. Stay up to date on our channels for upcoming releases and news. We hope to be able to meet anyone who wants to see us live soon.
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