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Samuel Sámel



Band WAKING THE SKY could not present themselves live after releasing their first piece – EP „The Prison“. This was because world was in the middle of the COVID and restrictions complicated life for everyone in music business. However, that wouldn´t  make them quit and they work in any way possible. One of main themes of our interview with Micro „Mitch“ Conti was how is it to start band in the middle of pandemic and how to survive it.

Hey guys, first of all, great to talk to you. Can you introduce us your band in details?

Hi! The pleasure is all ours! The band was formed in 2018 from an idea by Matt, who, was taken from the desire to get involved in the world of music. He gave life to waking the sky. The band is currently a third or waiting for the fourth component to the drum. We are born as a metalcore band with heavy and trash influences, we take inspiration from bands like: Bullet For My Valentine, Asking Alexandria, Killswitch Engage, In Flames, Metallica etc.. The band is formed by: Matteo who is clean lead vocal and main screamer as well and rhythm guitar, me, Mirco as lead guitar and Tiziano as bassist and secondary screamer. For now we are accompanied on drums by Andrea de Carolis (5 Rand, Travelling South) in live and studio section, moreover we recorded the full EP in his studio.

How is it to release first album in the middle of worst pandemic in decades?

Complicated, strange, atypical, I think I can continue with similar adjectives, with all the restrictions that have been put in place to be able to record was not easy, moreover the strangest thing is not being able to do live shows to present your work. So it is an anomalous situation where the only way to show your work is only remotely and everyone knows that the energy that came from live music is all another story.

Can you introduce us this album?

The album is our inner situation made music in my opinion, almost the whole album is an incitement to try to find a new way. A solution to life's problems because as long as the night may be, dawn will always come. In addition there is a piece dedicated to the people dear to us who are no longer in this world.

You came with EP „The Prison“ as your presentation and we can feel strong modern metal influence in the record. Who was among your strongest influences for this record?

Surely Bullet For My Valentine was our biggest point of inspiration, Obviously we had taken inspiration from other bands like: Trivium, Metallica, Dream Theater etc., you can hear something of these influences in pieces like You Will Remain in the closing guitar riff or in the bass solo of Unexspected Solution.

Can we expect full lenght album anytime soon? Are you already working on something?

The answer is yes! A full album will be released, we are already at work and we already have some new materials. Obviously always due to the restrictions seeing each other to rehearse is complicated but there are new stuff in the building site and new ideas always coming. If all goes well for the right way we can estimate an exit for the end of 2022.

It is great to be active even in those times – what are you doing to get your music to the people?

We're trying to be active on social media, upload some covers, create stories with our songs and stuff like that.

Are you full time musicians or do you have „normal jobs“?

We all have a normal jobs, became a full time musicians would be our biggest dream, but at the moment we work like everyone.

Tours are currently not possible. Do you offer any virtual option – livestream, stream, etc.?

We are working on it, we have done some livestreams during the past lockdown. We often upload stories with our songs and we have published some covers, restrictions permitting we aim to do more live streams and some live rehearsals if possible.

We reach the end. If there is anything you want to add to this interview, now´s your time ;)

Hope to see you soon from the stage!
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