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Dominika Šimová



In our new interview, let us introduce this really interesting band from Italy, Madvice. Asator, the vocalist of the band, answered all of my questions.


Hey Madvice. I am glad to ask you some questions. How are you guys in this crazy pandemic situation?

Hi. Nice to meet you. We are fine, thank you, we hope the same for you! We are spending this time far from the stage writing songs for our next release.

Is the situation in Italy a bit better now?

Yes, it's a little bit better, but in my opinion we are really far from the normality.

What´s your attitude to this all, your opinion?

We stayed and still stay at home, in our opinion it's the right way to behave in this situation.

How has the corona crisis affected your lives?

We had to cancel two tours, but we hope to be back on stage soon. About our personal lives, we have to say that we've been lucky, we and people we love are fine.

As far as I know, Madvice was formed back in 2016. It´s not so long ago. Could you introduce your band a bit to those who haven´t heard any of your songs yet?

Of course. I met Maddalena (our guitar player and Mastermind) and Raffaele (our bass player) in late 2015. They were searching for a singer for a new extreme metal project and a mutual friend made them listen to an old song of mine. They liked my voice and they sent me three songs for recording some vocals. After the first one we realized that I was the right singer for this project and, after a few days, I named it “Madvice”. The search for a drummer was difficult, we found the right person (Marco) in late 2017.

I find it pretty unique and that´s why I have to ask. Is it true that this band was created by a woman?

Yes, it's true! Maddalena is our Mastermind, no doubt about that! She's also our main songwriter, our producer and our sound engineer.

What is your musical background and the origins of your music?

We have different backgrounds. I love black metal above all, maybe you can find it in my way of singing, Maddalena and Raffaele are more thrash metal oriented and Marco, due to his young age, is more influenced by modern technical extreme metal.

How would you characterize your music?

We play death metal, nothing more and nothing less, but in our way to play you can find all our different influences.

Can you introduce the band members one by one?

Maddalena Bellini, our guitar player and undisputed Mastermind
Raffaele Lanzuise, our charismatic bass player
Marco Moretti, our crazy drummer
And I, Asator, vocals

You have already released your debut album which is called Everything Comes to an End. How does it feel?

We perfectly know that our debut album was just the beginning and we are already focused on the next one. We are a young band, we perfectly know that just one album, even if it's good, means nothing.

How long did you work on it?

Actually just a few weeks, when Maddalena is inspired we are very quick with the songwriting!

You released it in 2018, 2 years ago. Have you started working on the new one?

Of course yes, we are spending this crazy time writing new material.

What are your plans after this quarantine and all that is over? A tour perhaps.

Exactly. When the quarantine is over, we would like to be back on stage and we hope to make a new European tour. We are working on it with our agency, Rock On Agency.

Is there anything you dream to achieve as a band in the future? What are your goals?

We perfectly know that it's very hard to live thanks to the music, especially in 2020 and playing extreme metal. We would like to write albums and make tours in the less expensive way , nothing more.

Is there anything you would like to say to our readers in Slovakia? Any (m)advice how not to get mad out of this situation?

People have to stay calm, everything comes to an end, even this crisis! And when it's over, we hope to come to Slovakia for some gigs! And when the time is right, we want to see you all headbanging in the crowd!

Thank you so much for your time and I hope you might play one day in here.

Thank you so much for this interview, we really appreciateyour support and we hope to be on stage soon for some Slovakian gigs!
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