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06.09.2019 • Samuel Sámel


Wild Liv Sin is releasing new album „Burning Sermons“. It was obvious that we couldn´t resist and we just had to talk to her. We not only spoke about new album but also talked about cats, habits and maybe we even get to something she might not talk about that frequently. If you wanna know what we find out, just read the upcoming lines!
You are releasing new album „Burning Sermons“ in a few weeks – can you tell us a little bit more about it?  

Sure! Well first of all, it have a little bit different sound when you compare it to the previous one. There are some new elements, like keyboards for example. We didn´t have those on previous album. It would be part of every song now as we wantedd to update sound a little bit and we worked with producer Emil Nodtveit from Deathstarswho is really good with these things exactly. I really liked the old sound which was on previous album and which is more like old school heavy metal but we had to develop the sound a little bit. I was really thinking about it and I think people will like it. You know it´s not fun to make copy of previous record so as an artist, you want an update, you want to do something to develop and that´s exactly what we did on this record.  

You mentioned Emil Nodtveit – what else was his impact on music?  

A lot actually because he was not only producer but he also helped us with the songs. He helped us with process of how to build up the songs, eventhough we already have those. He helped us with those little details in the songs to make them better. As I said, he also added keyboards to the songs. Sometimes when he added some keyboard elements, I changed my melody a little and the impact was really big. He had a lot of influence on the whole album and on the songwriting also.  

From what we all can hear till this day – you released two singles – „Blood Moon Fever“ for example shows that your music is much more melodic. Even if we don´t mind the keyboards. Was that something you intended to do?  

Not all the songs are that melodic. That one is probably the most melodic one. But that´s one of the reasons why we put it out as a single. Because it´s the most catchy one. And it has guitar as the main theme. That´s why it sounds so melodic. But definitely not all the songs are that melodic. Also with the keyboards, you have another structure – for me as a vocalist there´s another structure to follow other than guitar riff. And it´s good because when guitars fall down for a while, I have another thing to follow for melody. And it´s really good.  

On that video, you got very specific make up. Can we expect it on live shows maybe?  

Maybe. (Laugh) But right now I can´t do it myself. It was done by one really good make up artist. But I kind of like it. It suits the theme with blood moon and all the witchy style. I like it but we´ll see if I would think it out how to do it myself.  

The other song you released already is „Slave to the Machine“. It´s more like the previous album or maybe Sister Sin band.  


I got to be honest, when preparing for interviews I read music comments under music videos a little and one comment standed out between the many positive feedback kind of comments. „It is about Eurovision and it´s fans.“ What do you think about it? Is it true?  

(Laugh) Ehm ... no, that´s actually not what it means. If I think really hard about it I think I know what that person mean, but it´s definitely not about it. But I don´t watch Eurovision so I am not really aware of the details of the show. Song is actually about fact that we are so connected to – not only our phones but all the devices. And you are slave to those devices. And that´s also way to manipulate people because you can manipulate people through social media and you can make them see only what you want them to see. So that´s what the song is about. Because of that way we are living nowadays, a lot of people are not thinking by themselves. They easily get to be the slave of what they see on social media. And I don´t think that´s a good thing.  

If we get back to the album – what was the main inspiration for the album?  

I get the inspiration from a lot of things. In my lyrics, I write a lot about my visions or ideas on world. Like „Slave to the Machine“ – that´s my opinion about how devices own us. A lot of my lyrics are also about humanity, how we can behave to the planet or another human beings. So my inspiration, you can say, is the life we are living today but also things that I´ve experienced. One of the heaviest songs, you can say one of the most agressive ones actually, on the album is a love song. But it´s a good love song! Not heartbroken thing. It´s uplifting lovesong but also the most agressive song of the album. But let´s be honest, when you look on „Blood Moon Fever“ or „Chapter of the Witch“ song, you´ll see that on this album I am also inspired by mystical aspect of life.  

What are the tour plans for the new album? Anything you can tell us already?

Well, right now we are working on the European Fall tour. We want to get out and play in November. But it´s in the process and there are no specifics right now.  

Can we expect only Liv Sin songs or are there plans for some Sister Sin era songs too?  

I think we would play one or two Sister Sin songs. Yes.

Right now you have only live session drummer. Is there anyone planned to fill the post?  

Work in progress on that one. (Laugh)  

Let´s turn it a litlle to „you questions“. If anyone is following you on Instagram or Facebook, he might easily realize that you are a little bit cat person. Can you tell us a little more about it?  

Well, of course. I actually work in animal hospital too. You might say that sometimes I prefer animals over humans. They are easier to deal with in my opinion. They don´t disappoint you the same way. And they are very cuddly – I mean cats. And I am cat person. I have one cat and I was emergency home for homeless cats. I helped shelter when they were full. So that´s what we did about half a year ago. And one of the cats  was pregnant so it has kittens. This was amazing experience. After that we couldn´t get momma cat away so she stayed. Even before I called you, she was messing around in the apartment. I like cats better mainly because they have integrity and stronger personality. I don´t say that dogs doesn´t have personality but there´s just something about the cats. I am more cat person because just like them I go my own way. Dogs follow their leader.  

You mentioned you work in animal hospital, you are also musician. Do you have any free time in all of this?  

(Silence. She just realized the answer ...) No. (Laugh) But you know, I love music. And I love it that much that if I would have some free time, I would do something with music anyway. But if I am not, I can enjoy some wine or do some yoga.  

You call your fans „Sinners“ – what about you? Can you call yourself a sinner?  

That´s in the word. Because what is sinner? It would be different if you ask one person, different if you ask another one. There is so many different meanings of word sinner because how can one say – „This is a sin“? Some people might think it´s actually not a sin. I think the word is kind of wrong. It´s more not like „what is sin?“ but „what is common sense?“. Because common sense would told you killing somebody is wrong. You know, mainly because common sense is something that comes from you, sin is something someone told you it is. You should know it´s not good, you know. That´s why I like to play around with that word because I think in someones eyes we all are sinners.  

What always has to be in your dressing room when you are on tour?  

A bottle of red wine. (Laugh) Aaaand that´s it. Well ... a chocolate maybe would be nice. Yes. Chocolate and red wine – then I am happy.

A lot of musicians have habits – something they always have to do before the show. What about you?  

I need to warm up but that´s a must have. You just need to warm up. I also need to have my gloves. I feel like if I wouldn´t have them it would be bad luck. If I don´t have them, I feel unsafe. And ... and that might be that weird habit ... I need to go pee right before the show. So if show goes like 5 minutes later, I need to go again. That´s in my head. I need to go pee right before going on stage. That miiiiiight be a little weird. I think it´s natural, but it might look a little weird.  

We´ve come to an end. This is it! If you want to add anything, now´s your time...  

Well I hope people would listen to my new album and they´ll like it. I would definitely try to get as close to you as possible and play a show there. What I can promise to you is that it would be hell of a show! Yeah ... and I would try to put the make up on! (Laugh)
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