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04.11.2018 • Samuel Sámel
Not long ago I got chance to hear something really out of the box and so I felt like I need to share it with you people and releasing a comic book by music band seemed like great opportunity to do so. We contacted crew of SICK´N´BEAUTIFUL and unearthly lovely singer Herma answered our questions. Therefore you got chance to read something more about alien crew located in warm Italy.
You are something that is not really common in this business. Can you introduce us the band which is actually crew of a space ship?

So I am the Herma and I am singer and the pilot of the band. We actually are alienes and inside the ship we all have our jobs. Obviously as we come from outer space on the ship everyone have their duties. So I am pilot, then there is captain – Big Daddy Ray who is also our bass player and main composer of the band. Then there is Rev C2 which is lead guitar and Evey which is our drummer and actually she is plant based life form. Actually she is vegetable. Some kind of alien plant. There was Lobo, the other guitar player but he died ... well ... not died but lost in the battle with very very bad alien some months ago. So now we are just four in the spaceship.

We came here by an accident actually because our spaceship crashed and then they abducted me as a pilot because I was a human before Sick n Beautiful. What we do here is that we play music to raise funds to repair the ship because it got broken in the crash.

So you want to stay only as long as the ship is not working and then you are planning to escape?

Well ... we are actually enjoying this planet so ... first of all we want to travel Earth more to see all its wonders and then we decide if we would want to come back.

In the music you are doing I hear a lot of influences – can you tell us who they are and why those exact musicians?

Actually we heard a lot of music travelling the space because radio frequencies got to the space ship so we listen to very different types of music from the Earth. I can say we are very inspired by Kiss, In This Moment, from Alice Cooper to Katy Perry and Garbage, Lady Gaga ... there is a lot of pop music in our composing ideas. There is a lot of influences, even Nine Inch Nails and .... Yeah! Rob Zombie! I was forgetting the most important one!

So few months ago you released your latest album called Element of Sex. Can you tell humans why is it sooooo bad that they didn´t hear yet if they didn´t hear it?

That´s really good question! Probably because we put everything in this album and we live for the music and we do Sick n Beautiful on our own. And it´s actually not easy to be alien in 2018 based in Italy. I think you can hear all the passion we put in the music on this album. It´s more focused than previous one, it was composed in moment when we were very excited because we were called by big label at the time and they asked us to compose some demo for an album. So we stayed for 20 days in the studio and we wrote the album and we recorded everything. It was very intimate and true of passion when we did it. So I think people can hear that when they listen to the album.

The biggest news on the ship is actually not an album but comic book you are releasing soon. Can you tell us a little more about it?

Sick n Beautiful history is actually really colorful and full of stories. And people are always very interested about our origins and how did we crash and how I ended up with the crew so we thought that comic book would be the best way to show people what happened and to let them see because that is kind of storytelling we always love because everyone in the crew is pretty much a nerd. So we thought it would be the best way to tell our stories. It tells about how the crash happened, it tells about how did I joined the band because I was a human. Then I met the band, they abducted me. Then there was the birth of Evey when she was just a plant and you can see how she grew up and how we lost our guitar player. It´s our stories of the last few years concentrated and drawn by a friend of us Alessio Maruccia who is awesome artist.

You already told us you are kind of a nerd. But can you tell us more about your relationship to comic books?
I was reading them since I was a child and then I grew up playing video games and stuff. Then I started going on ComiCons and cosplaying and that´s kinda how band evolved because every one of us was involved in cosplaying and comic related events. My favourite comic book was actually Italian one – it was designed by Italian artist – it´s just girl comic book for young girls called Witch but I can say it changed my life. I grew up reading that so ... I really love it! I am not actually Marvel girl or DC girl. I prefer underground comics and smaller realities.

With comic book Ground Zero and with your latest album Element of Sex you worked a lot with crowdfunding – why  you choose this way?

First of all it seems like people are really enjoying what we are doing. With crowdfunding we let people order or pre-order what we are working on so they can actually help us create what we do and then they recieve what they order so it´s some kind of selling the art but you can order it sooner – even when it´s still in working progress. That would help you by the way that people can give you suggestions on what they wanna recieve so it´s more about communicating some kind of things because we can actually do what people want us to do. More than that there is technical reason which is that we are completely independent and we do fund everything by ourselves and we obviously don´t have funds to do everything we have to by ourselves. So the only way to keep doing what we love – being Sick n Beautiful – is with help of our fans. I always say that Sick n Beautiful is more like big family because we are nothing without help of people who help us doing what we love.

I suppose you are planning to support the latest album and even the comic book. Question for me is – is it even possible to encounter your crew outside of Italy right now?

It is our main objective right now. Actually we are planning European tour but it´s not that easy to put it together so we traveled the UK in the spring and we are planning to travel Europe in the next summer. We want to do that and hopefully we will be able to do that. Right now we are playing our music in Italy – in country where we are based and I really hope to meet our fans outside of the Italy as well.

Right now it looks like you are pretty successfull – people are able to cofund releasing your album and comic book. What in your opinion is your biggest success in doing music and what is your biggest dream?

I think our biggest success was actually the crowdfunding because in social media everything is so easy – it´s easy to post pictures, to get likes and support but it´s much harder when you go to real support – I mean financial support. Chance to be financially supported by real people is our biggest success for us. The biggest dream for the future is to tour as much as possible to meet as many of those people as possible and to give them a hug.

And that sounded like plans for the future as well that was actually my next question ...

Oh, we are already working on next album right now, writing the songs and stuff. But we don´t have plans for release because we want to find a label. So we will keep it private for now until we find the best way to release the album. But we are very excited because our new songs are very fresh and new and I already love them.

Is there chance that there would be chance to hear some new music even before signing the label?

Oh I think so. We always play new songs live because we want feel them and we want to see how they fit into the playlists. So as soon as they will be at their best we will start play new music live so you definitely will be able to hear something.

That´s all from me actually ... if there is anything you want to tell to the humans and those who can actually encounter you in any way – this is your space.

I have to say that you don´t have to fear the aliens because we actually come in peace. We just want to know this planet more and more and eat sushi. So you don´t need to be afraid and I think you should check our music so we can reach you as soon as possible.
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